Since 2002, Ferpaper aims to provide the domestic market, the range of higher quality in the Paper market, adapting it to the country's economic scenario keeping in mind the sustainable approach to the environment, by choosing strategic partnerships 100% certified according to international environmental standards, including  PEFC™. By using PEFC™ aproved paper in your works, you are contributing to the growth of responsible forestry worldwide.

Paper Distribution.


Paper, as a  material, takes a powerful and sacred place in the history of human interaction. Historical manuscripts inspired millions, even centuries after they were written. Paper arouses controversy and intelligence in the form of literature and art, political proclamations. Paper is our currency. But most of all,  paper defines who we are, creates an immediate, permanent bond between people and their past, present and future ambitions. We mark each passage in life through birth certificates, licenses and diplomas. Photographs, diaries and notebooks preserve for future generations the collective memories of a civilization and leave a permanent record in history.


What is the Paper of your life?

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