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A long experience in the Paper industry led the now company's CEO, Fernando LameirÃo in 2002 to found Ferpaper.

Since then we have been developing our business as international manufacturers agents. We establish a bridge between our brokered and the market aiming to bring our customers the best products and the best service. We would like to contribute to the



modernization of the paper distribution sector by  adopting and taking advantage of new technologies,  providing an innovative service and excellence. We value the relationship with our customers, understanding and identifying their needs and continually offering innovative solutions. The team spirit is something that we pursue every day in our company as well as the integrity and reliability of our employees.



We defend evolution taking into account the sustainability of the environment. In 2008, the institutional national entity IAPMEI awarded us the status of PME Leader (Medium to Small business national leading company). Distinction that honors us and rewards for good performance and contribution to the national economy. It was then renovated in 2009, / 10, / 11 and 2012.











FERPAPER - Betting on Innovation in Paper Distribution



Ferpaper is now for over 13 years in the market of paper distribution in Portugal. A team with a vast experience in this line of business, the company develops its activity as a distributor and agent of international manufacturers. In the distribution places, available to customers, various types of paper: from newspaper and magazine offset paper, plaster and volume paper for book work. Ferpaper makes the interface between the paper industry and customers, following all the order route step by step.




Currently, the company's activity  is about 90% in the paper distribution business and 10% agencing. This company tries to contribute to the modernization of the paper distribution sector by adopting and taking advantage of new technologies, and investing also in providing an innovative service and quality. In 2009, Ferpaper brought to Portugal a new type of paper for book work with a lower weight and higher volume that allows equivalent books with equal thickness to be significantly lighter in weight.




This strategy affected the volume of paper sold by the company but because of it's lower weight represented high advantages in terms of logistic costs to customers. With this decision,  forecasting troubled economic times we are experiencing, "we created weapons for publishers to survive and also defending our market as a way to survive the crisis." This type of paper, mechanical pulp instead of traditional chemical pulp, is produced in Northern Europe and later stored in Ferpaper before being marketed in Portugal.

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